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  • 22 Sep 2015

Otjiwarongo Municipality would like to inform the community members of the following:

  • The informal settlement is a non-proclaimed area and belongs to municipality. (meaning it is not a formally developed area where people can buy and own a plot)
  • No one is allowed to sell a plot or land in the informal settlement because it belongs to the municipality
  • No exchanged or hand over of plot to another person without municipality’s consent or approval. If found guilty contracts of those will be cancelled immediately and the plot will be allocated to another tenant.
  • Permanent structures are NOT ALLOWED. If erected it is at the applicants own risk!!!
  • Illegal squatting or building on spaces not allocated by the municipality is not allowed and the owner will be penalized
  • No alcoholic trading businesses or shebeens will be allowed on residential plots.
  • Any other buildings e.g. flats, kindergartens, churches will only be allowed upon approval and authorization by the municipality.
  • The plots are not automatically inheritable or transferable upon death of a lessee. It will revert back to the municipality.
  • Crop fields in the informal settlement and outskirts are not allowed.
  • Keeping of animals such as goats, cattle, horses, pigs are not allowed in the informal settlement according to the Health regulations Act of the Local Authority. If found the animals will be  impounded and the owner will be penalised.

NB: Otjiwarongo Municipality is not liable for damages caused on permanent structures in the informal settlement and also for the refund of fees in the case of plot exchanges or purchase between the two individuals.

For more information please do not hesitate to call the office of the Public Relations Ms Adel Shilongo, Mr John Hinda and/or Mr Nickanor Muranda @ 067 302231. via email: shilongo@otjimun.org.na