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N$ 29 Million for servicing of new extension Freedom Park

Due to the increasing demand for service land for residential and business purposes, coupled with financial constraints to service and deliver land, the Council has embarked on a project to solicit public private partnership (ppp’s) with interested land developers for servicing of new extensions – Otjiwarongo Extensions 8 and 9, as well as Orwetoveni Extension 10 and 12. It is  also good to share with you that Otjiwarongo is in the process of servicing Freedom Park, an extension that will cater for three hundred and five (305) residential plots. The digging of trenches to conceal sewerage and water pipelines underground is at an advanced stage. This project is costing Otjiwarongo Council N$29 million to complete and it is expected to be completed by the end of January 2016. It is also good to know that shortly after the servicing of Freedom Park, another new extension namely Heroes Park will follow thereafter which will also cater for residential plots in Otjiwarongo. It is evident that Otjiwarongo is trying its level best to provide services to its residents hence, Otjiwarongo Municipality works hard to live up to its vision statement, “We Commit to make Otjiwarongo a vibrant Socio-economic Powerhouse”.



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  • Thats really good idea for that new locations. I am very happy for Otjiwarongo municipality, another think is that it will be better if you build other clinic in Ombili or in freedom park. Just a tip of advice.

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