“A Clean Town starts with you” Campaign

If we imagine a clean town, we might imagine a pleasingly attractive environment with well-maintained buildings and beautiful parks. We might also imagine a town that is litter-free, where the water is clean, the air fresh, the transport system effective, the laws and by-laws enforced and the community responsible.

The benefits of such a town include healthy inhabitants and a productive economy, flourishing business hubs and ultimately a town that is highly attractive to investors and tourists.

In order to conduct our clean-up campaigns successfully we always invite and encourage the participation of business community, civil society and the media.  Charity begins at home; everyone has a role to play, from our homes to the streets, to our schools, churches, and even the parks. Let’s keep our surrounding clean and manage waste correctly.  This is particularly important because as the theme states, “A clean town starts with you”.

For Otjiwarongo specifically, a clean town is a litter-free town where waste removal services are effective, bins are not overflowing and waste is not dumped illegally, amongst others. In addition to an effective infrastructure, realising a clean town vision requires community involvement and law abiding inhabitants with a deep love for their town and its wellbeing.

Cartoon Character of Dustbin with best sign

That’s why today I urge all inhabitants to join hands with and make Otjiwarongo the cleanest town in Namibia.

An important element to highlight with the “it starts with you” campaign is the  illegal dumping. This is a massive problem in Otjiwarongo and manifests itself in the form of littering by residents and heaps of waste being dumped on street corners and in open spaces.

It thus important to call upon all environmental ambassadors within our communities. Environmental ambassadors are volunteers who protect Mother Nature by doing anything they can to prevent further environmental degradation.

This can be through planting trees, educating the public and just holding cleaning exercises from time to time. Environmental ambassadors can be everyone including industries as they also have a moral responsibility to protect the natural surrounding in which they do business.

Let’s keep Otjiwarongo clean: “A clean town starts with finger




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