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Otjiwarongo I s participating in the Namibia Town of the Year Competition 2016. Competition will take place from the 20th to 31st  October via sms throughout the country.

In order to keep Otjiwarongo in the competition simply vote by sending “Town Otjiwarongo” to 51500. Sms cost N$1.00.

Vote for your town, Otjiwarongo, Cheetah Capital of the world!!


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  • To vote for Otjiwarongo, the place must first be cleaned up! Especially when we drive in from Windhoek on the right side is a big dumping in between. It really does look horrible, and it does not give a good impression on tourists. And this is not the only dumping close to town.

    We tried to do something and did report it several times to the Municipality and Police. But nobody seem to be really interested in that matter.
    Don’t even want to mention Orwetoveni …

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