Bennes Haimbondi is the new mayor of Otjiwarongo

Bennes Haimbondi was the Otjiwarongo Municipality’s management committee chairperson for the past five years before his election on Friday. The election was held at the Otjiwarongo Municipality Chambers, and coincided with the internal election of the Otjozondjupa Regional Council.
Haimbondi will be deputised by new councillor, Moderattha Shaduka. Other new councillors are Sonia Iyambo and Gottlieb Shivute. Former Otjiwarongo Mayor Hilda Jesaya was nominated to serve as a member of the management committee of the municipality. Jesaya had served the town in that position since 2010.
Other council members are Esmeralda !Aebes and Gottfried Ubu-Gaeb from the DTA of Namibia and United Democratic Front (UDF), respectively.
In his acceptance speech, Haimbondi promised to carry out the council’s duties as mayor in a fair and diligent manner.
“I will undertake this challenge with enthusiasm and vigour because I know I am following in the footsteps of my predecessors who achieved a lot for this town,” said the new mayor.
Haimbondi said he has formulated principles that will guide him in developing the town, and envisions operations at the Otjiwarongo Municipality to become totally free from corruption and nepotism. He promised to make sure that the town’s land service delivery becomes a priority.
Otjiwarongo Magistrate Jo-Rina Jagger swore in the seven Otjiwarongo Local Authority councillors in the presence of Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Otto Ipinge and several community members.


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